Hello from Yammer Research!

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And then, we hope you'll stick around to read a bit more about why we do things the way we do. It's a bit different, but we truly believe that this is the way to build better products over the long term.


This is how we think about building Yammer:

It's our job to ask you good questions and observe your needs.

The Yammer research team talks to customers every week. Through interviews, surveys, site visits and a variety of online testing methods, we learn how our customers behave and see where their challenges are.  

We prefer conversations over suggestion boxes.  It gives us deeper understanding, and doesn't put the burden on our customers to figure out what they need.

Our conversations with you -- our customers -- continuously shapes our product vision. 

Make decisions based on how people behave, not the features they request.

When we build a feature or make a change, we do so based on research. But we still use A/B testing to ensure that the changes we make result in the benefits and behaviors that YOU need.  It's not uncommon for people to request a feature, but then when we build it, it actually provides neutral to negative behaviors.

Solve underlying problems, not symptoms.

When you say "build this", we're going to ask why. Not because we don't believe or trust you, but because it's critical for us to understand the underlying issue in detail. That's what helps us come up with the best solution that works for the greatest number of customers.

Thanks for using Yammer, and for sharing your experiences with us!  

Cindy Alvarez, Yammer's Director of User Experience


Meet Our Research Team

Cindy Alvarez, Director of UX

Cindy Alvarez, Director of UX

Emma Beede, Researcher

Emma Beede, Researcher

Soumia Fares, Researcher

Soumia Fares, Researcher

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