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About Yammer

We're part (the fun part) of the Microsoft Office suite. (We were acquired in 2012, but our main office is in SF and we've worked hard to retain our always-learning, data-informed, and collaborative culture.)

Everything we design, research, write, and build gets in front of a global audience of millions. We have the power to help teams collaborate better, get less email, waste less time, make faster decisions.

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer. The Yammer team has folks from a variety of backgrounds, races, ethnicities, previous work histories, and life experiences, and we are eager to maintain and grow that diversity. The Yammer product is used by all kinds of people, so that diversity of experiences is critical to how we develop. We believe in sane work hours, using our vacation time, learning on the job, and offer paid parental leave.

Product Designer

Redmond, WA

The everyday employees who use Yammer tell us that they feel smarter, more appreciated by their coworkers, and more connected to the jobs where they spend 8+ hours a day, every day. That’s what motivates us to come to work, support each other, and keep making our product better.

We're looking for a Product Designer with a strong visual skill set that can help!

We take a lot of pride in designing and building things the right way and we’re constantly exploring ways to move fast but ensure design quality. We have a lot of freedom in how we approach our work, and have a lot of influence over product leadership's decisions (large and small). We're constantly challenging ourselves and trying new things, but we also go home at a reasonable time each night. We value helping each other and not being jerks.

We're building a team of designers who:

  • Are eager to ask questions and learn new things - about our customers, about new techniques, and about tools
  • Enjoy working shoulder-to-shoulder with product managers, researchers and engineers
  • Work openly, sharing ideas and rough drafts and soliciting feedback
  • Enjoy thinking about how products work and what makes enjoyable product experiences
  • Get it done - sometimes a project needs a wall of explorations, sometimes it needs you to crank out a quick prototype and run with it. You know the difference.

We don't think resumes are a particularly good assessment of a designer, but you should have:

  • Designed products that lots of people use and love (depending on the size and type of companies you've worked at in the past, that could translate to anywhere from 1-3+ years' experience)
  • A strong visual design background and understanding of design theory (typography, color, grid, etc.)
  • Shipped something across several platforms. You know what translates from desktop and what doesn't, or why you'd opt for one solution for iOS and another on Android.
  • Explained the reasons and thought process behind your design decisions
  • Readiness to embrace customer feedback and analytics data that helps you make your designs even better

Yammer and Microsoft
Yammer is now an integral part of Office 365, has grown significantly over the past years and is used by millions of users. Yammer helps power other Microsoft experiences including Delve, Office 365 video and SharePoint. Yammer helped accelerate the company-wide adoption of product usage as a key success metric. With all this, Yammer is well setup to be a major engine of growth for Microsoft and Office 365.

Sound good? Apply directly or send us your portfolio!

Senior Design Researcher

San Francisco, CA

Humans are weird, wonderful, and irrational. How do we help them to change their at-work behavior in ways that will make them feel smarter and more productive?

We're looking for a senior researcher who can help!

At Yammer, the research team plays two equally-important roles:

  • Validation: we do creative, fast, and 'good enough' research on peoples' attitudes and behaviors
  • Vision: we use a bunch of methods (interviewing, ethnography, competitive product analysis, and asking good questions of big data, to name a few) to figure out what the next big customer needs and product opportunities are

We answer interesting questions, have a lot of freedom in how we approach our work, and have a lot of influence over product leadership's decisions (large and small). We're constantly challenging ourselves and trying new things, but also go home at a reasonable time each night. We value helping each other and not being jerks.

This is what you'll do that helps us work better as an org:

  • Communicate confidently.
  • Change peoples' minds.
  • Ask questions that advance our thinking.
  • Get everyone (not just UX'ers) to have customer empathy.
  • Take any question/murky area and figure out a research approach to make us smarter.
  • Solve problems – whether it's a research problem or a process challenge, you get it done.


Through trial and error we've learned that people don't apply if we don't provide an arbitrary guideline. So here it is: 5-8 years' experience strongly recommended.

Now what does that MEAN? It means that you have already done things like:

  • Uncovered severe usability/usefulness flaws in your product, delivered the 'bad news', and influenced the teams who needed to make improvements
  • Organized large-scale research projects (i.e. international site visit, longitudinal study, accessibility usability testing, running design sprint with partners/customers, or organizing a customer beta testing program, etc.)
  • Convinced non-believers of the value of customer research and got them to participate

You won't have any direct reports (yet), but you'll provide mentorship to the other researchers and influence product managers and the product vision. There's a lot of room for learning, growing, and stretching beyond your comfort zone.


Sound good? Apply here - to kick things off!